March 15, 2017

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August 25, 2016

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Is it just Calories in, Calories out?

October 20, 2016

Do you feel guilty for missing that training session or indulging with friends?

Do you find yourself constantly searching for that single answer to your weight and wellness ... A new training regime or that new diet?

It's so easy to get led by the media frenzy; to believe that that the perfect weight, size and happiness is found from a diet or training programme. It saddens me to see so many people, that believe true happiness can only be found in the numbers your bathroom scales read out to you.

There is immense pressure on us to be a certain size or a certain fitness level. To eat clean, to eat raw, to eat lean, to avoid dairy, to avoid wheat. The list goes on, I hear new fads every single day.

And then it's the training... We must train everyday, to feel the burn or go home. To train so hard and at such an intensity that we pee ourselves?! We are bombarded with marketing messages every hour of every day.

The result....

1) Total confusion- so many people ask me what they are actually supposed to be doing and eating.

2) A generation of women with zero self esteem and broken bodies. Ladies who deep down believe that happiness and fulfilment will only come as a result of their size, shape and eating habits.

We have become so insecure about our bodies that we seem to have created 2 populations... Those that 'do' and those that 'don't'. But how many of us are actually happy and healthy?

So what is the answer my friends? It is 'Balance'. That simple word that is so hard to achieve.

I spend my life telling people "but I'm not 'just' a personal trainer". Why?, because I appreciate that there are a number of pillars to wellness and health. Yes, core fitness and good nutrition (not diet!) are two of them, but relaxation, building a strong self of purpose and indulging in healthy relationships are fundamental and crucial of the wellness jigsaw.  

I love guiding my clients through this journey. Helping them to identify where their balance is out. Introducing more relaxation to lower adrenaline, to better manage stubborn weight retention. Not because i want you to be thin. Because I want you to be balanced. To create true strength, health and happiness, from the Inside.


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