March 15, 2017

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Why I created Fit Fanny Adams.

August 25, 2016

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Back Pain and Mummy Tummy - Sounds Like a Weak Core!

February 6, 2017


My clients are always shocked to discover that as a core specialist, my restoration training doesn't start with a set of sit-ups (in fact, these NEVER happen!). Instead we start with learning how to breathe correctly. 


Only when we are effectively using our diaphragm can the core really be engaged.


All too often our lifestyle, postnatal bodies or 'tummy' anxieties cause us to lock down our diaphragm and inevitably, shut down our core. 


By learning how to incorporate your breath into your core training, the impact on anxiety levels, back pain, mummy tummy, IBS (and a whole plethora of other symptoms) can be quite remarkable. 


So, if your core training doesn't incorporate the breath, the pelvic floor and your back, then come and be enlightened! :) x



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