March 15, 2017

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August 25, 2016

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When running is bad for your health...

June 21, 2017

Has the sunshine and long days inspired you to get out and get active?! GREAT... 


... As long as you aren't doing it at the expense of your health! Yes, I did mean that.


I literally shudder in my car as I'm driving along, seeing some women (& men) invest the time & effort to go for a run, but have such poor form that it is clearly doing them more harm than good

Once a running addict, I now have a more balanced and less favourable view of the sport for a number of reasons... 


1) Pounding the streets plays havoc with the pelvic floor. Imagine carrying your weekly shop, in the same carrier bag for years on end.... the result will either be the handles breaking or the contents falling out the bottom and landing on the pavement. Now if you imagine your abdominal contents as the shopping, pounding up and down in your carrier bag (i.e. pelvic floor)... you see where I'm going..? 


You may not suffer from problems now, but add peri / post menopausal hormone changes, which dry out tissue and / or compounded by post natal pelvic floor changes and you have a ticking time bomb. 


2) Weight Management... using running to manage weight is a misnomer. Yes, it can be great to start that shift in weight loss, but without toning muscles you aren't doing anything significant to change your basic metabolic rate (our day to day rate that you burn fat). And in fact, if you get into that cycle of 'i must go for a run' and you're a 4+ times a week girl, then chances are you are producing so much adrenaline (loving' the buzz and endorphins!) that your blood sugar levels are all over the place, which means that you become much more susceptible to weight gain when you take a day off. 


3) Toning and core strength... "But Paula Radcliffe has a 6 pack" i hear you cry.... yes, but most good runners and athletes do ADDITIONAL core strengthening work to improve their running, rather than the running itself building the core strength.


Running alone does little to tone and strengthen muscle effectively, which is essential if you want to increase your basic metabolic rate.


So the solution.... low impact, mindful, core strength to balance mind and body and build true health, from the core. 



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