After just one session with Sarahjane, I feel amazing already, thank you so much, can't wait for our next session


First session with Sarah she's brilliant & worked her magic on my aching tense body! Feeling revitalised xxx thanks for all the tips too x


What can I say.. I cannot recommend SJ of FannyAdams highly enough. My rated top of all personal fitness trainers and much more than just that. Personal, understanding needs, fun, supportive, totally knows her stuff - more than other healthcare workers & physiotherapists i know & have met. This is the best training & programme I have used. Ever. Thumps up & a big high'5!!


Thank you for all your help: For teaching me good posture , how to recognise when I am subjecting my body to damaging strain ..and  all those "aid memoirs" keeping me on the road to recovery .. throughout the day.


I had my 4th session with Sarahjane today. I'm no stranger to exercise, and would even say I was a bit of a cardio addict. Thanks to Sj I now know that I can achieve so much more in the way of toning, firming, improving core strength and of course the pelvic floor (and after having three children mine's had a battering!) by following her advise. I'm feeling fab, and already looking forward to our next session !!

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