2018 by Fit Fanny Adams™

Who? I'm Sarahjane West-Watson.  After graduating in BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy in 2001 and most recently qualifying as a Personal Trainer (pregnancy and post natal core specialist), my journey in health, fitness and mtherhood evolved into the Fit Fanny Adams™ concept.

Frustrated with the fitness industries obsession 'high intensity', 'high load' work outs, I developed an exercise approach that really is as unique as you are. Suitable or any age or ability this approach: 


  • Strengthens the core

  • Whole Body Toning 

  • Postural Re-aligment 

  • Improve body awareness 

  • Support Hormonal Balance

Ultimately, my passion is to empower You to restore and strengthen your core, alleviate pain to improve your overall health.

For You? My clients range from 20+ to 70+. They can be high performance athletes, but usually they are just women (and men) who want to be strong, healthy and better connected with their body. They are also often people who have struggled with a traditional exercise approach. This may be through stress, back pain, pelvic organ prolapse, a weak pelvic floor, post hysterectomy, rectus diastatis (separation of abdominal muscles), fibromyalgia or other chronic conditions.

As one client perfectly described it... "I just want to feel like me again!".

Why? Because I fundamentally believe that being fit and healthy requires so much more than just a regular gym fix.

Hormone balance, stress, nutrition, posture, breathing, strength and flexibility are essential components of a fit, healthy body. Today's hectic lifestyles, diets and exercise routines (i.e. high impact, high intensity etc) can often be detrimental to our bodies (and minds!) and despite all good intentions, can cause incontinence, back pain, weight gain (yes, exercise can cause fat storage!)or, as one client perfectly describes it... "I just dont want to feel like this anymore!".

How? My approach is as unique as you are. I deliver one- to- one, whole body programmes.

Being an ex- triathlete, kitesurfer, mountain biker and paddleboarder, I understand the need for exercise to deliver more than just a work out. I take pride in enabling you to peel back the layers and enable you to achieve your goals, and ultimately:

- Build strength & flexibility

- Achieve your weight loss goals

- Strengthen your core & pelvic floor

- Improve energy levels

Most importantly, I enable you to enjoy your body again!

Like so many people, I am a busy mum, juggling parenting, work, rest & play, so my approach is to create a programe that is functional and becomes a way of life.