Transform Your Core!

Strengthening every woman and all abilities from pregnancy through to post menopause … and every hurdle in between!

Understanding ‘how’ your body moves, is just as important as getting it moving. Learning to engage your core begins with:

  • Breathing correctly
  • Pelvic floor tone
  • Back stability and mobility
  • Abdominal musculature and tissue integrity

Despite our best efforts, traditional training and modern lifestyles often works against the natural flow of our core and our integrated health.

By focusing on how you move your body and within the context of your wider your lifestyle, you achieve the strength, confidence and health you want. 

Offering a highly personal, on and offline offering, there is something for everyone! My members and clients enjoy access to:

  • On Demand Class Library
  • 24hr Catch Up Service
  • Specific Restoration Programmes
  • Personal Consultations
  • Fortnightly Podcast: The Pelvic Floor Connection

Enjoy taking control of your core and your body, by finding an approach to fitness that works for you.




Fancy accessing a core strengthening class at a time that suits you? You’ll love the members platform

The on demand class library allows access to over 100 recorded classes. So, whatever your age, ability, fitness level or mood, we have something for everyone:

CoreConnect – Slow, strong and core restoring, finishing with a deep relaxation

KindCardio – Joint friendly cardio that invigorates rather than exhausts

CoreHeat – A challenging, whole body blitz. Hot, sweaty and pelvic floor friendly.

Workouts are designed to improve strength, flexibility, and cardio fitness. Ultimately they leave you feeling a little more, well, like You!


“Give a man a fish…”  Empowerment is the philosophy of our restoration programmes. Providing you with not only the tools, but the knowledge to get the most from your body at the time you need it the most.

Access at a pace and time that suits you, with access to me throughout.

6 Weeks to Wonderful – Reset and recharge, going deeper than a simple diet and exercise fix

Strong Beyond The Bump – Integrated on- line pregnancy program with exercise, pelvic floor and birth preparation, to provide a nurturing and strengthening pregnancy experience

Pelvic Floor Program: Beginners guide to strengthening – Designed to get you strong and confident in your pelvic floor.


Do you need a little help getting back on track?

I offer private consultations (online and in person) to unravel, restore and rebuild.

As an integrated core specialist, I support a range of conditions, including:

  • Pregnancy (SDP pain and pregnancy and birth preparation)
  • Post-natal restoration
  • Pelvic pain and dysfunction
  • Abdominal seperation (diastasis)
  • Prolapse
  • Peri- menopause fitness (and beyond!)

I appreciate the overwhelm of core dysfunction and the need to provide an integrated approach. We create simple but effective plan for your journey to strength and wellness

“Thank you! I finally feel like me again”

Designed specifically for women,
our concept is simple, suitable and strengthening for all.

My clients range from 20 to 75yrs and beyond. They can be high performance athletes, pregnant or peri- menopausal busy mums or simply ladies who have struggled with a traditional exercise approach.

Most usually they are women, just like you and me, who want to be strong, healthy and better connected with their body. We recognise that what your body needs is often a little deeper than a gym fix.

Stress, weight gain, back pain, pelvic organ prolapse (POP), incontinence, hysterectomy, abdominal separation (DRA) and other chronic conditions are a reflection that our bodies need something more.

We offer a variety of on and offline classes, restoration courses and private consultations that embraces and serves every body. Are you ready to join dive in? 

And if you think engaging your core is all about sucking your belly button to your spine … Noooooo!!!
Access our free guide, teaching you how to engage your core effectively.

Being strong, fit and healthy is so much more than just a gym fix!

Hormone balance, stress, nutrition, posture, breathing and flexibility are essential components of a fit, healthy body.

Today’s hectic lifestyles combined with the images of what we should look like and the pressure of high intensity exercise routines can be detrimental to our bodies and minds, and despite all good intentions, these can cause incontinence, back pain and weight gain – yes, unbalanced exercise can cause fat storage!

“I’m just had my first session with Sarahjane, she’s brilliant and she worked her magic on my aching tense body. Feeling revitalised!”

Latest on the Blog

We learn to strengthen from the inside

Focusing on how we move, becomes so much more important as we age.

We take for granted the experiences our body’s have been through or are preparing for; pregnancy, motherhood, menopause, stress, trauma etc. Too often we forget to ensure that the core is restored and functional before placing higher loads and demands on to it. 

Being an ex-triathlete, kitesurfer, mountain biker, paddle boarder and busy mum, I understand the need for exercise to deliver more than just a work out and takes pride in enabling you to peel back the layers and achieve your goals.




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