About Sarahjane

My passion is empowering you, to become strong and confident in your core, pelvic floor and body.

I’m Sarahjane West-Watson: Bsc(Hons)Physiotherapy, (Pre and Post Natal) Personal Trainer, Soft Tissue Therapist and Specialist Core & Pelvic Floor Coach. My journey in health, fitness and motherhood evolved into the Fit Fanny Adams concept, when I realized that most exercise approaches don’t fit the intimate needs of women.

Being an ex- triathlete, kitesurfer, mountain biker and busy working mum, I understand the need for your body to do more than just get you through the day. I take pride in enabling you to peel back the layers, unpick complex or longstanding core dysfunction and enable you to achieve your goals.


“I feel like everything is zipping together” –  Gwen

“Working with you has given me a real bit of hope” – Llewyn T

“Your visual work is amazing, I’ve never understood my pelvis – its mind blowing! It’s a tough journey of letting go of all the trauma, A very big thank you from me!” – Jane R

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