Restoration Programmes

Become stronger and healthier, when you need it most

We are all unique and at certain times in our lives
our body’s need a little extra care and attention.

Having grown stronger and healthier as a result of a debilitating chronic illness and most recently enjoying the birth of my second child at 40, I deeply understand the benefit of taking a broader approach than just ‘diet and exercise’.

I moved away from the one dimensional model of health and fitness, when I realised it lacked the comprehension that we are so much greater than just the sum of our parts. 

All our evidence based, restoration programmes have been crafted with passion, research and above all, personal insight. 

Achieve the body you want, for the long term, by enjoying an integrated approach:

  • Physical
  • Nutritional
  • Mental
  • Environmental

Fed up with the yo-yo effect of fad diets and brutal exercise regimes?

This programme is designed to offer a broader but deeply personal approach to a whole body reboot. 

We embrace a journey of education and empowerment focused around your health, fitness and nutrition goals.

Exploring and tracking what nourishment, exercise, self care and behaviours your body requires to feel good, not just today, but more importantly into your tomorrows.

This is a 6 week programme that includes full online access to our classes.

Next Programme: April 2021

The creation of human life is a wonderful, raw and natural process, which now takes place within a highly medicalised model.

I’m so proud to share this programme, which I tried and tested on myself, for my second baby.

Designed to heighten your knowledge and understanding of what your body knows, to support and strengthen your journey within the medical model into motherhood … and beyond.

Combining core strengthening for a strong and pain free pregnancy, with the mind and body work  for labour preparation and then that essential self care nourishment during your 4th trimester (and beyond!)

This programme is the perfect accompaniment to any pregnancy, not just your first!

Next Programme: April 2021

When you know your core is effecting your life, your fitness and your wellbeing, it’s time to take action!

Back pain, pelvic pain, pelvic floor weakness, prolapse, abdominal separation, C- section, hysterectomy … the list goes on!

A strong core means so much more than training a muscle group. Simply doing ‘ab’ work or sucking your navel to your spine often creates more damage.

This programme builds not only your strength, but also your understanding.

We help you to identify and overcome areas of weakness and imbalance. To find that inner strength, and put the zing back in your step and the confidence back in your body!

Next Programme: TBC